Catena Development Services

Your vision; from concept to creation

Our devoted group of talented Team members are connected by the common objective of providing the ultimate customer service experience, while building something perfectly encompassing your vision.


The Catena Food Service Development Team is available to our clients on-site and in-person worldwide.  Our Team goal is 100% client satisfaction and is accomplished through the high-level support we offer.

The Catena Team can:

  • Assist with the design process, from brainstorming through all phases of development  
  • Create environmentally friendly “Green” sustainable designs
  • Design high-quality and energy-efficient layouts with Auto Desk® Revit® Software
  • In-house Stainless Steel Fabrication 
  • Mill-work
  • Sell, Deliver, Stage and Install Equipment, Furniture and Small Wares 

The well-trained Team at Catena help create an environment for our clients’ concepts to thrive.  We are able to accomplish this through listening to the voices of our clients and also by the culture we have created.  This culture comes from Dedication, Collaboration and a Passion for Success.  We've taken a “customer-centric” business approach.  Our Team Members understand their day-to-day roles and are committed to exceeding our clients’ expectations. 

Growth isn’t something you can react to, but rather need to create a strategy for.  If you’re looking for a “Competitive Advantage”, you've found it with the Team at Catena.

Your vision; from concept to creation