Catena Development Services

Your vision; from concept to creation

Our devoted group of talented Team members are connected by the common objective of providing the ultimate customer service experience, while building something perfectly encompassing your vision.


Catena is Latin for “Chain or a series of things linked together” 

The face of restaurants and overall food service has changed dramatically over the years.  Patrons used to dine at a particular place for the food only.  Today people are looking for the "total package."  From the exterior look, to the food, to the service, to the ambiance, ending with the overall experience.  At Catena Food Service Development we have a Team of highly motivated individuals to help guide your brand or concept to the next level and exceed your goals.

Catena was created to provide assistance in all areas of Food Service Development within the Restaurant and Hotel Chain Industry.  We identified a need and formed a Team to facilitate the execution of providing streamlined, high-level client support.  In addition to chain accounts, our Team at Catena provides services to other areas of the hospitality industry including start-up restaurants and healthcare. 

Our Professional Team at Catena have constructed an effective business model by listening to the needs of our clients.  This way of thinking allows us to help give innovative solutions with exceptional results.  Catena ensures our clients’ needs are not only met, but surpassed!  We add value through our high standards and creativity from on-the-ground thinking.

We operate and provide services to our clients across the United States and Internationally, from two locations located in Tucson and Phoenix, AZ. 

Please come join us for a Catena experience!

Your vision; from concept to creation